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Reducing Your Insurance Premiums

Substantially. Safely. Strategically.

InsuranceInspect covers the following key areas in a fully-integrated approach:

Your Past

Your Past

How predictable was the past?


Your Future

Your Future

What could ‘go wrong’ in the future?


Your Custom Made Product

Your Custom
Made Product

What’s your optimal coverage (if any!)


Your Best Providers

Your Best Providers

Designing and Marking tenders (for insurers AND brokers!)


Your Money

Your Money

Placement Administration (including Anti-Money-Laundering)


Your Review Process

Your Review Process

Ongoing monitoring – did you make the right decision?


Did you know that many clients do not consider their reserving for existing risks when purchasing future cover?


Many client examples show over-reserving for existing risks, meaning reserves can be released to safely support increased future risk taking/buying less future insurance.

Did you know that you can design your own insurance product to meet your strategic objectives?


Many clients simply accept the off-the-shelf products offered by insurers.

Did you know that many organisations are exempt from the normally mandatory covers. e.g. employers’ liability?


If this applies to you, then armed with my actuarial data, you can confidently and safely decline to buy this cover.

Insurance Inspect Services review process


Holistic Balance Sheet Management to Reduce Insurance Premiums.

InsuranceInspect Services brings together over 20 years of reducing insurance premiums for business clients.

An independent holistic Insurance Strategy review service, including bespoke financial (technical) balance sheet issues raised from clients over the last 20 years, not usually considered by Insurance Managers, but essential for your Finance Director to gain a holistic view of your corporate risks.

Fed up with Increasing Premiums? Get a Second Opinion from us!

Not getting the insurance premium reductions you were expecting?

Need a second opinion?

Our Transformational Change / Holistic Balance Sheet approach will Transform your view of what Insurance you actually NEED, massively increasing your negotiating power.

We give confidential, fully independent advice.
We don’t receive any commission from insurers or brokers – we are working for YOU!.

We stay in the background, you stay in control.
In many client cases, the client’s brokers and insurers aren’t even aware that we are helping in the background!

Our Motto

“Just because it’s insurable,

doesn’t mean that it should be insured!” 


Why We Are Different.

Uniquely, we also consider the security for your claimants; we can put in place claimant security solutions, so you can safely take high excesses, if they are right for you, to demonstrate that you care about your claimants.

Uniquely, we also consider your overall balance sheet and risks which you are taking day-to-day (such as risk of falling sales) which are uninsured, to fully understand your risk appetite.

You will have the same personal contact (John Birkenhead, a senior independent actuary) throughout the transformation journey, with responsibility for the entire project advice and implementation.

John Birkenhead

High Project ROI

Our most recent clients achieved premium reductions of c10x their fees In fact, the fees were covered by the savings in IPT alone!

We’re not just talking about small tweaks such as increasing policy excesses etc..

We mean real Transformational Change, building robust, long-term solutions for clients, some of whom have been with us for nearly 20 years.

We aim to reduce your insurance premiums Substantially, Safely and Strategically.

We will tell you honestly if Substantial premium reductions are not safe for you.

Take the First Step

If you pay more than £100,000 pa in corporate insurance premiums, sign up for a FIXED PRICE Initial or Full Healthcheck now to see all the possibilities

It typically costs less than a single EL claim!