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Reducing Your Insurance Premiums
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Charity insurance exempt

Large charities can be sitting on a goldmine of useful, under-used data…

Are you spending too much of your public donations on irrecoverable IPT? The future is not as unpredictable as you think!

Our full healthcheck will demonstrate better ways to use donated funds to finance risk, leaving more for charitable purposes

You May Be Exempt!

Being under the control of a Secretary of State/Crown control is a
(little-known) permitted exemption from both EL and Motor Third
Party cover. Have you checked your legal status under the ELCI & RTA?

If you are actually exempt , we can help you finance risk in more
efficient ways.

You are probably exempt from insurance if you are funded by central government





You are probably exempt from insurance if you are funded by central government

Funded by Central Government = Probably Exempt!

Many charities are funded or directed by central government; clues can can be found in their published accounts:

  • “aims and objectives set by DCMS”
  • “required to disclose information in accordance with Government Financial Reporting Manual”
  • “the Chief Executive is responsible for reporting to DCMS..”
  • “established under the National Heritage Act 1983…”
  • “the charity shall be administered under the provisions of the National Trust Act..”
  • “the assets are held in trust for the nation’s benefit..”
  • “formed by Royal Charter…” (effectively meaning significant Crown/Government regulation)

If any of these apply, you are probably exempt from the normally statutory covers!

Insurance Inspect

Do you have substantial sources of data?

Many charities have been in existence longer than most private companies; this is usually stated in their Annual Reviews:

  • “the charity was founded in 1895…”
  • “we opened in 1871..”
  • “originally set up in 1851..”
  • “established in 1113..”

This means that, not only should you have extensive historic claims data to determine trends, frequency of large claims etc, but also that you have a very long-term planning horizon to finance any such large claims occurring in the future. Failure to connect your insurance strategy to your longevity leads to inefficient risk financing!

Substantial sources of data
Is insurance really right for your charity?

So, Is Insurance Really Right For Your Charity?

Insurance is designed for private individuals and companies to reduce short-term volatility and ensure that claimants get paid (with a higher degree of certainty than if insurance was not compulsory).

If you have extensive (past and future) longevity, we can help you finance risk in more efficient ways