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Reducing Your Insurance Premiums
Substantially. Safely. Strategically.

Initial Health Check Full healthcheck
Enquire Enquire
UK local / Police authorities Enquire Now Enquire Now
UK charities / publicly-funded organisations Enquire Now Enquire Now
UK private companies / LLPs Enquire Now Enquire Now
UK publicly-traded companies (plcs) Enquire Now Enquire Now
Included in all Healthchecks Desktop review of your answers and evidence supplied
Fixed fee, no extras
2hr meeting at your UK offices or 2hr video conf call to discuss draft findings before finalisation

Reduced rates apply to:

  • Purchasing consortiums buying for their members
  • Parent/holding companies bulk buying for their subsidiaries
  • … please enquire for more details
Reduced rates





Intro healthcheck


Can I buy an Intro Healthcheck first, then upgrade later?

Yes. If you upgrade within 1m of the draft Intro Healthcheck report you just pay the fee difference.

After that, the Full Healthcheck Fee applies

Payment Terms
50% deposit to commence, balance on completion of final report (or 1m after production of draft report, whichever is the sooner). VAT in addition at the standard rate (20%)

Delivery: draft report/results within 14 days of receipt of data