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Insurance Inspect

Substantially, Safely, Strategically

We aim to reduce your insurance premiums Substantially,
Safely and Strategically and will tell you honestly if substantial
premium reductions are not safe for you.


What do we mean by Substantially,
Safely & Strategically?

Typical premium reductions achieved: c80% of current premiums, from poorly-designed programs

Typical net savings achieved: c33% of premium spend (net of all fees, risk financing costs etc) from poorly-designed programmes

Reduce insurance premiums substantially, safely and strategically





Safely reduce insurance premiums


  • Essential foundations (Your Past, Your Future) considered in detail first, before consideration of need for any broker/insurer at all
  • Comprehensive step-by-step approach (Your CustomMade Product, Your Tender Responses, Your Money) to determine best, unbiased broker/product/insurance solution
  • Essential consideration of claimant security for any self-insured elements (escrows, imprests, custodians)
  • Essential post-placement monitoring (Your Review Process) to demonstrate success of chosen strategy
  • Based on robust actuarial methods and backed by extensive data, including insurers’ published
  • Regulatory filings and public Solvency Reports
  • Advice in plain English, no software black boxes
  • Unrushed advice, plenty of time for your internal consideration and review; a full Implementation Plan typically takes 3-12 months, depending on the complexity of your business/current insurance strategy

Insurance Inspect


  • Designed around your bespoke corporate strategy and your bespoke balance sheet
  • Your current “Off-the-shelf” solutions/policies are often not cost-effective/balance sheet inefficient
  • Thus essential foundations (Your Past, Your Future) must be considered in detail first
  • Any insurance programme recommended is bespoke to you, your risk appetite and risk timeframe – no two clients are the same
  • Any insurance programme recommended will fit in with your wider strategy of using/issuing LOCs/LOIs/other guarantees (which have no IPT charge)
  • Managed claimant security solutions available to give you strategic advantage/customer security
Strategically reduce insurance premiums
You stay in control of your insurance

You Stay In Control

Tender control: You remain in control of final selections of broker, insurer and product; provided you have incorporated my selection/marking criteria, the money-back guarantee applies.

Product control: You remain in control of final selection of XS/AGGs etc.; provided these are at least equal to my recommended minima (which may be the same, more or less than your existing, to optimise your use of capital), the money-back guarantee applies.